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Cashmere is…

Cashmere is…

что такое кашемир

Cashmere is…

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Cashmere is the undercoat of mountain goats Capra Hircus (lat.), living on the plateaus of Mongolia and China (region Inner Mongolia) and Tibet.

Let’s clarify, that cashmere is one of the varieties of wool, because wool is the hair coat of any animal.

Cashmere is called “soft gold”, “diamond wool” deservedly. The proportion of cashmere to the volume of world wool production of all other varieties is not more than 0.5%. Cashmere is a unique and elite raw material in the manufacture of clothing, because of limited supply and growing demand worldwide.

The number of Mongolian cashmere goats is about 30% of cashmere world production. At the same time, the quality of Mongolian cashmere is the best and most valued in the world. This is due to the climate conditions of Mongolia.

Mongolia has extreme continental climate with severe winters down to -50C and hot short summers. Goats increase their thick, soft, clean and very gentle lower fluff in order to survive in extremely cold weather conditions. These animals create an air heat protection, because their hair is hollow inside and retains heat well.

Animals have a period of shedding only once a year, in late spring. This is the only time, when herders of goats comb them manually with special combs.

One animal gives 110-170 grams of precious fluff, suitable for the manufacture of cashmere. The diameter of the fibers is of high quality and ranging from 10 to 15 microns. On average, there are 5-6 goats we need to produce one cashmere sweater, but cashmere coat – fluff from 10-12 animals.

Cashmere has a number of indisputable advantages:
• very soft, light, pleasant to the body;
• several times warmer than most other types of wool;
• does not cause allergies, suitable for people with sensitive skin, including babies;
• always emphasize your status and taste favorably;
• it will last for years without losing form and noble appearance with proper care.


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