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What is organic wool?

What is organic wool?

Что такое органическая шерсть

What is organic wool?

Что такое органическая шерсть 2020-05-19T22:09:09+03:00 Category:

We feel an unconditional love to quality cashmere. Nevertheless, there is one subtlety, which makes our heart beat more often. This embodiment of utter softness and tenderness is organic cashmere.

There are four shades of cashmere goats in nature. The top woolen cover is always darker than the undercoat. Organic cashmere is the undercoat of four colors, which is not given in to any chemical effect, such as bleaching, dyeing.

Only four colors:
• milky white;
• beige;
• silver;
• “coffee and milk”.

Due to the absence of any chemical effect, this living fiber retains its best natural qualities – softness and silkiness, and there is no doubt, it will have an advantage even over the highest quality dyed cashmere.


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